I am a Jew

I am a Jew  ( click here to here me talk the poem)
This is poem is about a man who is a Jew. He always fights for his people and never be disappointed of them. He doesn’t stop fighting for his people until like he dies for hunger. He’s just trying to protect his people form the Nazis so they won’t be send to the camp of the Nazis. Their is a symbol that represents Jews the symbol is called the Star of David.

I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever.
Even if I should die from hunger,
never will I submit.
I will always fight for my people
on my honor.
I will never be ashamed of them,
I give my word.

I am proud of my people,
How dignified they are.
Even though I am suppressed
 I will always come back to life

What I learned about this poem is when I read it this guy is a brave man. He always fight for his people no matter what happens to the man. He’s always proud of his people he's never disappointed to his people. When I read this poem I pictured ohana because I thought that maybe that was his family and when I thought of ohana is never leaving family members behind.The last thing that I learned is the symbol that is called the Star of David.You should read this poem it is very interesting.


  1. Your butterfly is okay. Could have had more design and art to it, but I like how you connected it to Ohana. The tags are repeated, not sure why, and you didn't really follow the directions for the blog post. Next time you get a big project, be sure to pay attention to the details of the checklists and rubrics.


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