Book blog part 2

My favorite book from quarter 4 is A picture book of Anne Frank written by David A. Adler. This book if about a girl name Anne she was born on June 12, 1929. Her parents name were Otto and Edith ad a older sister name Margot Her parents lived in Germany for hundreds of years ago. Her dad was a business and also was a officer during the first war. During the war her family didn’t had no jobs no more so they moved to Amsterdam Holland. When they move they were living in a apartment and they had to live all the way to the attic. . She was living with other people that they already knew. And that was their hiding spot so the Nazis wont find them. 18 mounths which was 2 years the Nazis found their hiding spot and took them to Auschwitz in Poland which was the Nazis death camp. Imagen you living in that apartment for 2 years with out anything besides little but of food and a bathroom. How would you if you were one of them?. In 1945 Anne and Margot died of a disease and hunger and she was only 15 years old and in May 8 1945 the Europe war ended. You can find this book in the Library am not sure what kind of book it is but it is really interesting and should read it.


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