So#8 Math class

Today we had math class and we were about to start. First we were doing our warm up a few minutes later we were done with the warm up and Ms Navolio said we were gonna okay a game today and I got so exited. So after she announced the game were gonna set up our team so how she said up the team is she picked 3 tables for and another 3 for the other team. So the team was ready so how the game goes is ms navolio gives you a question and on the board their were some numbers that answer the question but they were all over the place. So few munnite later we had a close game my team was orange team and the other was purple. Another player from the purple was keeping count and all of us didn’t know that she was doing that so then it was over and ms Navolio ask who won and I said we did and the player from the other team said that they won and I said “ we got more question than you guys did”. But people didn’t believe it and we all had the argument and ms Navolio just said I think the purple team won and my team said WHATTTTT and she were done here moving on and all of my teammates said cheaters but we had a lot of fun.


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