So#3 Jovanny leaving

 In March 4, their was this kid name jovanny and he was one of my good friends. At first people in my ELA class were talking him and I was like why you guy talking about jovanny and they said because he is moving. At first I didn’t know he was moving because I wasn’t paying attention until that time. So after I found out all of my ELA class were doing an activity and that activity was to right a letter to jovanny and jovanny had to right about the class. I don’t remember what I wrote but all I know is that am gonna miss you calling you Big Macs. I also gave him my Snapchat so he won’t forget me. After that we sat in the rug in a circle and shared our letter and before we left I grab the turtle and I said one thing and I said “ remember this no matter what happens heritage is you home”.


  1. I MISS JOVANNY😢 that was my whole bff right there! I love your post it’s so touching!


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