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I choose this word try because it means everything to me when people say try your best and when people say try your best they mean like out more effort into it and try harder things and if even you could challenge yourself if you can do whatever you want to. Their some others things that am trying to accomplish and these some reason why I choose these things to accomplish. One thing is school the reason why am saying school is because at first I wasn’t trying my best at school but then am thinking to myself and am saying I need to try and get those grades up and do good st school and my parents and teachers always schools are always first before sports so that’s one of my things and trying to get. Another thing is sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer those are the sports that I mostly play and love it. Another reason why I picked this is because I want to get better and for every sport I play I want o be a starter. So I strarted to start practicing a lot  and I keep trying a…