My favorite holiday is Christmas because what we do in Christmas is first we play games that involve Christmas presents. So first we play this game like she a person hold up a card and we try to act it out but you can’t say the word or else you loose so then the other person from your tea, sit down and their facing their team mates and that person is trying to figure out what is it amd if that person gets a right you get a point and the most points wins a present and that’s how you play that game. But that not the only thing we play theirs a another game that involves singing because why not we’re Mexican haha anyways so how we play is we have 2 different teams and ones on the right and the other is on the left side so theirs going to be a person holding up a lot of cards of songs but that involves Christmas songs and any other song so after that the person is going to say the word that encloses part of the song and trying to figure out what song goes with that word. So when you figure out an idea you have to run to the microphone and sing the song before the other team beats you to it and the winner with the most points wins the game and get a present really fun. Not only we play games but we do other stuff so after the games we do a raffle thing that has a lot of you family members name on them and you have to pick one and you can’t show no one who your got. So after you pick your person that’s the person you going to get something for them for Christmas and also we have numbers to see who goes first and then from their we go by order numbers and we say the person name and give them the present that we gave them and opened them and see what they are. The final thing that everybody is waiting for is we wait until it it midnight so then from their we do a count down so then everyone gets exited for this so we start down from 5,4,3,2,1 and all of us say Marry Christmas and so after we share that we give eavjorher hugs to enjoying our get together for Christmas and when it is midnight that’s the time when everyone opens out present but my ant mostly calls out who the gift is for and from who was it amd that’s how we to every year and enjoy our Christmas.

I got a questions you guys what do you guys do for you Christmas Day?


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