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My identity

I am an athlete because I love playing sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I live with 10 people in my house so it me and, 2 younger brothers, mom, dad, ant uncle, grandma, 2 cousin, and grandpa. What i like to do at my house is watching Netflix, playing PS4, and in my phone. The parts of my identity is being a student, son, and cousin.What I do outside of my house is to go places hang with friends and traveling everywhere. I play soccer with a team and the name team is Berwyn Blazers. When I grow up one day I want to be a soccer player cause that is like my life if that sport.

The time when i hit the winning run

It was in 3 block and today we went to go to Proska Park to play some kickball. When we arrived at the park we were playing the game. The score was 5-5 it was tied so Eddie was the last kicker of the game and he was ready to kick the ball. The pitcher was anabel and she threw the ball and Eddie ran and BOMMM! Eddie hit the ball and it was going to the left filed went over carlos but carlos couldn't catch up with the ball but luckily abel was their to help carlos to get the ball while they were getting the ball eddie was still running to the bases so abel threw the ball to anabel but it was to late for anabel to catch up to eddie or go to pitcher mound pitchers so Eddie made a HOMERUN! For the team and Eddie's team wins the game.