I am a Jew

I am a Jew  ( click here to here me talk the poem)
This is poem is about a man who is a Jew. He always fights for his people and never be disappointed of them. He doesn’t stop fighting for his people until like he dies for hunger. He’s just trying to protect his people form the Nazis so they won’t be send to the camp of the Nazis. Their is a symbol that represents Jews the symbol is called the Star of David.

I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever.
Even if I should die from hunger,
never will I submit.
I will always fight for my people
on my honor.
I will never be ashamed of them,
I give my word.

I am proud of my people,
How dignified they are.
Even though I am suppressed
 I will always come back to life

What I learned about this poem is when I read it this guy is a brave man. He always fight for his people no matter what happens to the man. He’s always proud of his people he's never disappointed to his people. When I read this poem I pictured ohana because I thought that maybe that …

Book blog part 2

My favorite book from quarter 4 is A picture book of Anne Frank written by David A. Adler. This book if about a girl name Anne she was born on June 12, 1929. Her parents name were Otto and Edith ad a older sister name Margot Her parents lived in Germany for hundreds of years ago. Her dad was a business and also was a officer during the first war. During the war her family didn’t had no jobs no more so they moved to Amsterdam Holland. When they move they were living in a apartment and they had to live all the way to the attic. . She was living with other people that they already knew. And that was their hiding spot so the Nazis wont find them. 18 mounths which was 2 years the Nazis found their hiding spot and took them to Auschwitz in Poland which was the Nazis death camp. Imagen you living in that apartment for 2 years with out anything besides little but of food and a bathroom. How would you if you were one of them?. In 1945 Anne and Margot died of a disease and hunger and she was on…

Book Blogs

My favorite book form Quarter 4 is Big Nate. The author who wrote this was by Lincoln Peirce. This book is about a six grader name Nate Wright and his best buddies were Francis and Teddy. Nate’s disastrous love life his chess tournament trash talking even his misguided attempt to be a bad boy. Along the way Nate and his pals are joined by Artur the gentle exchange student who’s popular with Almost everyone. And don’t forget about Gina the teachers pet who gets an A for annoying. They’re all here in this new collection featuring highlights from Nates most hilarious adventures.

So#8 Math class

Today we had math class and we were about to start. First we were doing our warm up a few minutes later we were done with the warm up and Ms Navolio said we were gonna okay a game today and I got so exited. So after she announced the game were gonna set up our team so how she said up the team is she picked 3 tables for and another 3 for the other team. So the team was ready so how the game goes is ms navolio gives you a question and on the board their were some numbers that answer the question but they were all over the place. So few munnite later we had a close game my team was orange team and the other was purple. Another player from the purple was keeping count and all of us didn’t know that she was doing that so then it was over and ms Navolio ask who won and I said we did and the player from the other team said that they won and I said “ we got more question than you guys did”. But people didn’t believe it and we all had the argument and ms Navolio just said I think the purple te…

So#7 For got my shirt on a soccer game

I had a soccer game and it was outdoor and i haven't played in a long time. So we had our first game outdoor and it was somewhere far away it was called Schaumburg so i was at my house getting my stuff ready for the game. It was only me and my dad were gonna go my mom couldn't go because she had to stay longer at work. Anyway so it was just me and my dad and then my dad tells me were living in 5 minutes and i was in a hurry because i was in the bathroom doing my privacy lol. Anyways so i was done using the bathroom and after i was done i ran to my room and getting my stuff ready for soccer a few minutes and i had my stuff ready and we took of. When we got to the place i was ready to play and they put me as a starter but first we were warming up before the game started. so i took off my shirt and then i was still warming up and i didn't know i didn't had my shirt on until one of my teammates ask me where your shirt and i was OMG i forgot my shirt so then we had a proble…

So#6 Volleyball scrimmage

This morning we had practice today this morning and today we were gonna do scrimmage vs the 7th grades. But first we did our little warm up before we stared playing. So first we had to get a partner and just had to hit the ball to each other and then all of us were about to practice serving and after that it was game time. So we had our 6 starters and they had there 6 starters after we had our starters we started playing. A few minutes later we were losing and none of us knew what was the score but for sure they were wining but then we catch up. We keep scoring and scoring and I think it was a close game but didn’t know who won. But then their was this one time when 2 seventh graders save the ball and this other kid name Leo hit the ball but then I jumped high blocked the ball and all of my teammates were screaming at me and their were like OHHHHHH! and I felt so bump up but all of us had fun together and had a good practice because us and the other team have a game today against heri…

So#5 our first volleyball practice

When it was our first volleyball practice I was excited because we get to see the same players form last years but their some who were knew and I was ready to play. First we introduced ourself and we had to say our name, what your good at in volleyball, and what can you work on in volleyball. So after that was done our coach told us to run some laps so we can get warmed up and ready to go. After that was done we did a game called kings court if you don’t know how to play it’s simple you first get 3 players and gated were all ready we start playing and it’s like a volleyball if you score you stay in but this game goes fast to if you lose you have to get out quickly so the next group can go. So after that was done than we did a scrimmage it was us 6 vs out coach and Heidi s so after we set up the team we stared playing. A couple of minutes later we were gonna go up to 15 and it was a close game and we were losing but then we catch up and we keep tying and we have to go up by 2 points bu…