So#5 our first volleyball practice

When it was our first volleyball practice I was excited because we get to see the same players form last years but their some who were knew and I was ready to play. First we introduced ourself and we had to say our name, what your good at in volleyball, and what can you work on in volleyball. So after that was done our coach told us to run some laps so we can get warmed up and ready to go. After that was done we did a game called kings court if you don’t know how to play it’s simple you first get 3 players and gated were all ready we start playing and it’s like a volleyball if you score you stay in but this game goes fast to if you lose you have to get out quickly so the next group can go. So after that was done than we did a scrimmage it was us 6 vs out coach and Heidi s so after we set up the team we stared playing. A couple of minutes later we were gonna go up to 15 and it was a close game and we were losing but then we catch up and we keep tying and we have to go up by 2 points bu…

So#4 Assembly

The assembly was today and at first all of the students were at their classrooms doing work a few minutes later all the students and teacher were gonna go down to the gym for a assembly. But first Mrs Haur called down the students who had perfect attendance awards to the gym to take the picture after that was done then she called the rest of the students and teachers to come down to the gym. At first it was a Grownth mindset award assembly so then they called down students for their awards in the middle of the gym and sit in the benches few minutes later after the grownth mindset award I thought that the assembly was over but then their another one and their was a man and a gorilla. I just noticed that everyone new it was mrs belkov. A few minutes later it was about to end and the las thing that we saw was the gorilla chasing the guy and mr bertalety had a bucket and I thought it was water but it was something else and that’s how it ended

So#3 Jovanny leaving

In March 4, their was this kid name jovanny and he was one of my good friends. At first people in my ELA class were talking him and I was like why you guy talking about jovanny and they said because he is moving. At first I didn’t know he was moving because I wasn’t paying attention until that time. So after I found out all of my ELA class were doing an activity and that activity was to right a letter to jovanny and jovanny had to right about the class. I don’t remember what I wrote but all I know is that am gonna miss you calling you Big Macs. I also gave him my Snapchat so he won’t forget me. After that we sat in the rug in a circle and shared our letter and before we left I grab the turtle and I said one thing and I said “ remember this no matter what happens heritage is you home”.

So#2 The Winning Homerun

We were at school and I had my 3rd class and it was my ELA class and today was gonna be a fun day because we were gonna go outside and play some kickball. But first we were still inside and Ms Brezek told us that she brought sunglasses for everyone in the class and that was nice of her buying a lot for us. Anyways so we got the sunglasses and we went to the park before we were going to play we set up teams and how we set them up is by the color sunglasses that we had. And after the team was set up we stared playing. The other team stared to kick and we were out the field. Couple a hours and minutes later it was a close game and I was the last kicker and they were wining so they roll it and the BOOOM i hit the ball and it went far and it went over Carlos and I thought he was going to catch it but he didn’t so I was running and Carlos was trying to throw it the inside of the field and I already made a wining homerun and we stayed celebrating. So after we won all of us had a great time a…

So#1 The day I went to Disney

The time I went to Disney was so fun that I wanted to go again. We had a tournament their and we got in 3rd place witch wasn’t that bad at all cause they had really good teams in Florida. They were tall players but we still fight and do our best. When I went to the hotels their were nice outside were pools. Right away when I drop my stuff I told the team let’s go to the pool, it was funny cause we all ran and I trick them and they all jump and it was cold and I stared laughing and out of nowhere they geab me and push me into the pool I deserved it lol. Anyways after that their was arcades right next to the register and I waa surprise that it was their and I thought we had to drive somewhere else that had arcades. Anyways so we were their and one of my friends challenge me into a basketball game he had one court and I had another and he said “ who ever beats the new record of the score wins” and I was like ok let’s do it. So we played we were tied and it was like 5 seconds amd he shot …

Feeling about my word

My one word is try and am doing pretty good with it it like sometimes makes me pump like to try something new and and trying to succeed on anything. It also helps other when people say try an example is like when you can’t solve like a math problem other math teacher say this all the time and I hear it to as well just try you best on it or skip it and come back to it. When they say that to me that makes me talk to myself and say that I can do this. And I also feel good with this word because at first I wasn doing horrible at school and I even had a detention and am not that kind of person I didn’t even know what I was doing I was the normal Eddie but then I talk to my parents I will actually try my best this time in school. I also like set up goals and trying to succeed at like school, sports anything. So this why I feel good with this word and it makes me actually try something that I really want to do and succeed.


I choose this word try because it means everything to me when people say try your best and when people say try your best they mean like out more effort into it and try harder things and if even you could challenge yourself if you can do whatever you want to. Their some others things that am trying to accomplish and these some reason why I choose these things to accomplish. One thing is school the reason why am saying school is because at first I wasn’t trying my best at school but then am thinking to myself and am saying I need to try and get those grades up and do good st school and my parents and teachers always schools are always first before sports so that’s one of my things and trying to get. Another thing is sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer those are the sports that I mostly play and love it. Another reason why I picked this is because I want to get better and for every sport I play I want o be a starter. So I strarted to start practicing a lot  and I keep trying a…